Director's Foreword

  • I have a rich and vast experience of 12 years in this field of Kindergarten. Through these years I have learned a lot with every passing year. Teaching children simply means getting down to the child’s level and this is exactly what I did. In order to understand him, I had to think like him, play like him, laugh like him and finally dream like him.

    I believe that children should be nurtured in a friendly and fun filled environment where their growth, development and well-being can be naturally promoted.

    I also believe that every child is unique in his own way and is equipped with his own strength and capacity. Every child regards his Parents and Teachers as resources and positive role models.

    Thus every child should be provided with equal opportunity to learn thus helping him to reach maximum potential using self-help skills and to participate in chores without reminders.

    Finally, we can see our future generations mounting success by bringing together Parents, Teachers and our whole community to support the development of the children.


    Many Thanks,


    Mrs.Azra Yousuf,


    Blossoms International School.